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It is part of doing business, that when an organisation is developing, more and more processes are produced along the way. However, creating procedures for everyday operational activities that often cross each other, and streamlining their interference, is a serious challenge even for leaders who are well trained in their professional field.

At Teqtos, we thrive to help our clients with strategical cooperations to execute each project optimally and with maximum efficiency. Our consultants’ senior level expertise allows us to succeed in fields from finance through media and telecommunications to acility

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Strategic management and project management

During organisational development, we provide a comprehensive work from conceptual planning to execution. We believe that the key for success is a well-formulated and detailed strategy that is neatly broken down to the operational level.

We are providing strategic cooperations, as well as operational projects, focusing on the clients’ unique business needs in all cases. While working in this field, we gained outstanding references in managing corporate acquisitions, as well as creating domestic and international
sales systems.

Process management and HR management

We believe that a process is good only if it works for the company, and not the other way around. This can be reached when - along with the overall operation of the organisation - also individual roles are defined in a precise and engaging manner.

While organisational development is focusing on the company’s reorganisation and the introduction of an advanced project anagement culture, on the personal level we aim for creating clear roles and motivating career models.

IT and Performance management

The first step of our IT management services is screening and mapping of the current system to obtain valuable financial and process management information. We then develop and implement new, complex ERP systems based on these data and insights.

The new strategy is always synchronised with the company’s inner operations. During our organisational development work, we are carefully building in the indicators connected to the company’s business profile, related either to the performance of employees, the production
of goods and provision of services or to sales activities.

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1134 Budapest, Váci út 33. 1. emelet

Email: iroda@teqtos.com